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A real registered Dual Citizenship is registered in the database of the said country issuing the visa

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A fake Dual Citizenship is not registered in the database of the country issuing it.

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A back upDual Citizenship is ordered is the case where a clients misplaced a real registered license and needs just a copy of what looks like the original.

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Dual citizenship, dual nationality is becoming more common across the globe, with individuals holding citizenship in two or more countries. Some examples of dual nationality include being a German and UK citizen, having citizenship in Germany and Pakistan, or holding passports from both Pakistan and India. Other examples include being a dual national of Australia, Bangladesh, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Egypt, France, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Jamaica, Japan, USA, Hungary, Austria, Kenya, Korea, Kuwait, Lithuania, Mexico, the Netherlands, Norway, or any other EU country. Getting dual nationality may require obtaining a dual nationality card, such as the one issued in Ghana.

How To Get A Dual Citizenship Card

It is now possible to buy citizenship in various countries around the world, including Europe, the USA, Malta, Portugal, Thailand, the UK, Australia, Austria, Bulgaria, Dominica, Dubai, Greece, France, Grenada, Hungary, Canada, Japan, South Korea, St. Kitts, New Zealand, Monaco, Montenegro, and even Luxembourg. Some people may be looking for the cheapest option available, while others may be interested in the benefits of dual citizenship. In some cases, it may be possible to buy citizenship online. We at Panda Doc+, we make it possible for you to get dual citizen card online. Talk with us on our support live chat.

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Welcome to our Citizenship purchase services. Have you been accepted to a school abroad but are unable to obtain a travel Citizenship? Or you are seriously considering changing your environment and are being denied Citizenship by our well-known embassies. You may also want to work abroad, but the job application process becomes more difficult if you do not have a Dual Citizenship. Furthermore, people face difficulties reuniting with family, friends, and loved ones when they are unable to obtain a Citizenship through the normal process. Since 2011, Panda Doc+ has been providing our clients with a variety of fake and real Dual Citizenship. We have also assisted and facilitated other supporting documents such as resident permits for our clients. We supply

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At Panda Doc+, a real Dual Citizenship is a legal document with full security features. Since 2011, our company has been in the Dual Citizenship business. This service began late because we needed to establish sufficient back links with several strategic embassies around the world. The genuine Citizenships we provide have their information entered into the required embassy information system. Furthermore, our genuine registered Dual Citizenship contain biometric data as well as the secrete features required to successfully pass a digital scan. Despite the fact that the real Citizenship is more expensive than the fake one, we encourage our clients to purchase genuine Citizenship. Do not be afraid at airports or checkpoints, and do not avoid scanning activities. Travel legally.

Dual Citizenship

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At Panda Doc+, our fake Dual Citizenship looks exactly like the real thing. We process and send you the visa stamp for your Citizenship, which is identical to the original embassy stamp from the US Department of State. However, the fake Dual Citizenship is not reflected in the states department's information system at any embassy. Some of our clients have even used their forged Citizenships to travel, find work, attend school, and do a variety of other things. When you order a fake visa from Panda Doc+. online, you can be sure of the physical quality of your fake Citizenship, but we recommend that you use the fake Citizenship only in cases where verification is not required.


At Panda Doc+, this Citizenship production usually take three to seven days to be completed. People who have purchased a Citizenship from us since 2011 can attest to this. The time it takes to produce this document varies depending on a number of factors, including the country where the Citizenship is to be produced, whether it is a real or fake one, and other technical factors related to our line of work. We keep in touch with our clients and keep them updated as the process progresses.


As stated earlier, our clients’ postal addresses are used to deliver their Citizenships. We ship them express via all postal services and keep them safe from border checks. When necessary, our travel licenses are delivered in person by an agent.

However, our statistics show that the majority of competitive services lack a good delivery network, which is why our investment in relationships with logistics agents puts us ahead of the competition.